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By Creed 8/9/97


Outpost. This is a debut level by a promising level author who calls him/herself Creed. (Are there any female level designers? I guess I never really thought much about it but I am not aware of any) What I really enjoyed about this level was the architecture. I thought it was stunning. A real flare for the dramatic at times. Just take a look at those pics.You should be able to play through here without too much trouble though there are some nasty surprises in store for you if you are not careful.

The level is a bit on the small side which makes it ideal for a quick Quake fix, but I was really just getting warmed up when it ended. More, more, more....

Nice courtyard. Too bad people are trying' to kill me while I admire the view. 

Hmmm, now what's wrong with this picture..looks a little to easy perhaps?