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By Neil Manke 1/8/97



"You awaken, locked in a cell. Far below is the courtyard where you are to be executed in the morning. Your obvious goals; escape from the cell, find a way to the courtyard, and then escape from the Medieval compound. On the way, visit the blacksmith's shop, see what's for dinner in the cookhouse and check out the guillotine." -Neil Manke

One of the strong points about a Neil Manke map is that he usually has a great premise as to why you are where you are when you begin playing. His debut map is no exception.Somehow you are slipped a shotgun, then from there you have to figure out how to get out of your cell, evade the other compound denizens, and escape with your life. No small task, even for a hero like yourself.

Architecture you ask,"very believable" is the answer. Game play you ask, the answer is "what game?" For you will come to believe that this desperate race to freedom is really happening. O.K., at least a fantastic movie! Even on his debut level Neil has supplied you with hints (included in the readme file) to help you out should you get stuck. Perhaps the toughest was figuring a way out of the cell, but once you discover it, it was obvious all along.

The other thing about this level, and really other levels by Neil, is that so much of the "props" scattered about actually work. They move or in some way behave as the object would in real life. It is this attention to detail that will keep you coming back for more, as well as the believable world that is constructed. 

Ok, looks like there is not much time, the cell door is open and you've got a shotgun, you had best make a run for it while there is still time...

Well I am out of that closet they call a cell, but I am along way from being free.

Long drop to the courtyard. This place has more nooks and crannies than Mick Jaggers' face.

I suppose this is where McDonalds got the idea from..oh well,,no time for sightseeing.