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By Dick Oliver 1/18/97



Happy, happy, fun, joy. Its Happy Fun Quake. Now I know what your thinking, this is not a new level. Ok, its not, but its sooo good. If it helps think of this as a CLASSIC quake level. This hoot of a level came out back in January but I don't think it got the attention it deserved. If you have never took the time to load and play this one, shame on you. Where else can you blow away a clown? You know you want to, remember the last time you saw Ronald McD*****? Well, this is as close as your gonna get, unless your some kinda kook an I don't wanna know.

"Hey, everybody, let's play ***Happy Fun Quake!*** Mommy said Quake wasn't nice, but she'll just LOVE this! See the funny clown? What's that he's got in his hands? Why is he pointing it at me? BOINK! BOINK! Oh, dear, is that pretty red color my blood? He must be a nasty bad clown--maybe he'd like to see my new nailgun..." -Dick Oliver

Installation instructions are included, detailed and easy if your new to this sort of thing. Hey kids, wanna see Bozo's head disappear?!

Gee whiz, they sure have decorated this level up nice and pretty.

Hi Mr. Clown. I've got something to wipe that big stupid greasy grin off your face, its called "shotgun makeup remover", heh, heh.