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By Daniel Vogt 8/10/97


"Indiana Jones on steroids" comes to mind when thinking of how I might best describe Morbidity: 1 by Daniel Vogt. Although that would not be fair either, how about "Sgt Rock goes to hell and back", or "Nightmare on Quake Street" or maybe...oh well, let me put it another way. Teleport in and out of several themes in one level, combine that with some of the most fiendish as well as clever traps and puzzles yet devised, and dress it up on a very grand and beautiful epic scale and you only begin to have a taste of what is in store for you in Morbidity: 1.

Forget about just wading in and taking damage. This one is gonna take some brain power as well as brawn. The puzzles as well as their look give it that Indiana Jones feel, only much more intense. If you have grown abit "ho-hum" when playing your Quake (shame on you) this one will put that blood thirsty gleam back in your eye, and that swivel neck back on your shoulders. 

Nice throne room of sorts, but I have a bad feeling about this...

A regular homey atmosphere in here. Looks like they are saving a ton this month on their electric bill.