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By Jeff Aranyl Updated 7/15/97


"This level takes place in a modern city. Evil Quake forces have teleported in from another dimension. They have overrun and now occupy a small section of the city. You have been sent to eradicate these murderous intruders and return the city to normal. You must be careful, as they have already taken up strategic defensive positions and have set several traps to protect their newly-acquired 'turf'! Of course, they also guard the only exit teleport that can take you back home and on to your next mission. It is night in the city when you arrive, teleporting into a back alleyway. Ahhh... what could be more magical than the city at night?" - Jeff Aranyl

Easy, this amazing level. This is the reason you download levels. Right here. You hope to find a level that has believable architecture, exciting and demanding game play, a cool story line to set the mood, and a puzzle or trap now and then to make it interesting. This has all of that and more. This is the kind of level that you remember. One where you tell your friends,"Hey, you gotta try this one." Yep, it's that good.

Several times I thought to myself, "wow that was a great level, this must be the end," nope it wasn't, this baby just kept goin' and it kept getting better. Hard to believe this is Jeff's first completed level. This is a classic right out of the box. So if you are thinking now to yourself, "should I spend a few minutes and download this one or not?", I can help you answer that, it is NOT necessary to download this level.... unless of course you want to have a ton of fun playing a level that offers everything you look for in a Quake level. In that case you better hit the download spot right now!

Nice house, doesn't appear to be any one home. Hold on, there are some lights on, guess I better check it out. Yeah right, famous last words.

Hmmm, must be a family portrait.

Nice courtyard, how come all these places have really great courtyards? What do all these people do for a living anyway?