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By Roger Staines 8/19/97


As Monty Python would say, "And now for something completely different..."

"The place is Mesquite Texas circa. 1806. Quake Dude has been dispatched to clean up a mess with the "Space Time Condominium" as he understands it. (Hey, the mans a soldier not a scientist for cryin’ out loud) It seems the Quake hell armies have been dispatched to this particular time and location to bump off Wild Bill "One Nut" Carmack, apparently the great great great Grandfather of someone very important to a future time. Why the nickname "One Nut"? Well, the details are sketchy at best, suffice it to say you should have seen the other guy. Well ol' One Nut runs a farm on the edge of town, authorities have him in a safe location but it seems he left two keys behind. Dispose of the two keys and get out, thus assuring One Nuts' safety. Apparently he left one key in the bank vault and the other he HID on his farm somewhere. This story was written with all due respect to John and his great great great Grandfather. Thanks for a great game John :) " -Roger Staines

Howdy pard, welcome to the old Quake west, an old west town with a uniquely Quake/Staines feel to it. Forget all that about gettin' out of town by noon, just try gettin out of town!! An it won't be easy. Cause this wild west ghost town is full of the most wierded out hombres the west has yet seen. Yep, this is a fantastic shotem' up, and just goes to prove there is plenty of life left in the old Quake I engine yet. Especially in the hands of an imaginative and highly original map author!

"There are 45 monsters in normal skill and 75 in hard skill. Because no one ever really uses the easy skill I loaded it with 101 grunts and the odd enforcer and all you get is the double barrel shotgun. Make sure to try this map in easy skill for a true old west non stop shoot out. In fact it is my favorite way to play the map." - Roger Staines

Listen to ol Rog' there pard, this here Ghost Town map will have you paintin' the town red (with blood that is), so loosen up your trigger finger and mosey on over to Ghost Town, an just try to git outta town :-)

Well lookie here, the old Ghost Town Hotel, my great, great, great, grand pappy used to run this place.You can say that the hotelin' business has been in our blood for centuries. Now if I can just keep some of that blood in till I get out of town.

Well look at that poor guy on the wall up there, this Ghost Town kinda puts a different spin on "hangem' high" don't it.

Nice ol farmhouse, barn an water tower. There sure is some purdy places to visit. Ifen' it wasn't for these here creetins tryin to kill you, a body might just want to settle down here.