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By Neil Manke 3/10/97

"Silhouette" starts with you coming upon a Roadhouse. There a zombie will tell you of a funeral going on whereas they are burying gold instead of a body. What else?...find that gold.-Neil Manke 

What else? How about a pack of rottweilers, a shambler or two, a handful of fiends, a smattering of ogres, a legion of knights and death knights, an unhealthy portion of scrags and rotfish all taking up strategic positions in some of the most stunning architecture and cleverly designed sequenced puzzles available in an independent level for Quake... thats what else!! 

If you have played any of the masterful levels that Neil Manke has designed then you already know how good his levels are. And Silhouette of Darkness continues the Manke tradition for excellence. Again we see fresh original textures and superb gameplay.  

Neil's helpful bubbles and crucified zombies should get you through this but for those that get frustrated easily Neil has again included his readme file of hints. You may not need it, but if you do it could save a lot of frustration!

Nice roadhouse. Think I'll stop in for a root beer.
Just your average everyday impressive door to your average everyday impressive Lord's Manor. No problem.