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By Creed 8/18/97

 Creed is back with another map following his first effort "Outpost". You may recall the fantastic architecture he used in his base styled "Outpost", well he has repeated his flair for convincing architecture in his latest level called "Discordia".

Atmosphere. What "Discordia" has is atmosphere. It reeks with atmosphere. Only the best maps have it. This ones got it. Its that intangible feeling you get when you dim the lights and settle back to play an unexplored Quake level, and then that levels scares you! Now that's atmosphere. You could play this one on the moon without a space suit, it has that much atmosphere.

I heartily recommend that you try this one on "hard". Normal may be a tad to easy.

While not large, Discordia will have you revisiting locations from different levels and it offers an occasional "stumper". Good luck, and pleasant dreams...

Now that's a castle!

Atmosphere, this one will have you looking over your shoulder!