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By Neil Manke 8/22/97
Quake C Einar Saukas


PLACE: Andromeda Galaxy
TIME: 2333 A.D. 
STATUS: Prisoner

With that short introduction this epic space saga begins. I say again, I likem' when there is some sort of purpose to a level, and short and sweet as it is, escape is a perfect reason.

I defy you to not be awed when playing Starship. This level is drop dead gorgeous. Starship is a benchmark for independently released levels for Quake. This is what Dark Forces should have been! Why? Well if you ask why you obviously haven't played this masterpiece yet. How about lightsabres for starters? These babies glow in the dark and make a buzzing sound when swung. How about gravity fluctuations in different parts of the ship. Ever seen a fiend leap a tall building in a single bound?! It's a riot. How about an actual operating tram/shuttle? All aboard! How about ambient sounds, scenic vistas, believable architecture and more attention to detail than you can shake a wookie at?

On another note this is a dark day for us independent lovers of levels. This level obviously heralds the end (or soon to come end) of these freebie levels by Neil Manke. If Neil Manke isn't snapped up by some commercial gaming company soon somebody is asleep at the helm! So enjoy it while you can! This is an absolute masterpiece!

As the story opens you are being held prisoner. A force field bars the door and out the window you see this burly guard patrol the hallway.

Fantastic view off the port bow, kinda hard to keep my mind on escape!