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By Matthias Worch 6/97


Beyond Belief consists of 9 new levels: one start map, seven normal levels and one secret level. All levels have skill levels and a special item layout for DM. Coop play is also supported (and fun), there are no dead ends.

BBSTART "Welcome to Dying" Matthias Worch
BBELIEF1 "Mission Control" Matthias Worch
BBELIEF2 "The Cleanse" Denis Moeller & Matthias Worch BBELIEF3 "Another fine Mess..." Andreas Fink & Matthias                     Worch 
BBELIEF4 "Hell's Sewers" Matthias Worch
BBELIEF5 "The Lava Grounds" 
BBELIEF6 "Seal of Secrecy" 
BBELIEF7 "The Unholy Alliance" 
??? "Those deepest Feelings"
- Matthias Worch,

Ok, you've seen this 9 level behemoth around and thought to yourself, "Do I really want to take the time to download this 9 level monster?" If in fact you never have, you are really missing out on some very enjoyable quaking. Matthias Worch has put together a very convincing effort at reproducing the original atmosphere of Quake. Yes, this could have been the shareware version of Quake! If you're looking for maximum Quake game play with original "Id" quality architecture, pacing, and feel, look no further. Fire up that tired modem, go fix a sandwich, and come back to a marathon of quality Quaking! 

A portion of the "Beyond Belief" start map with title inscribed on border of ceiling. 

Map one "Welcome to Dying" offers plenty of opportunities for honing your sniper skills. It is possible to pick off your opponents from quite a distance. Switch to single barrel for maximum accuracy and ammo conservation.