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By Rick Lipsey Revised 8/26/97


Welcome to Polygon Base by Rick Lipsey. This is one BIG level replete with platforms, switches, buttons, underwater areas, tons of bad guys, wide open play areas, narrow confined play areas, and tons more of bad guys. Ok, mayber there is not THAT many bad guys, but it sure seems that way.

Architecture is at times on a big scale but it is always consistent with the base theme. Your objective is often in sight (armour, ammo, health, keys) you just have to do some quick thinking to get to it.

Availability of ammo is another story however. You had better decide right from the beginning to conserve ammo and plan your shots carefully. I wound up reduced to the axe on several occasions, while it is exciting to fight like Tonto it really is not practical against enforcers and grunts!

This one is gonna take you a while, this is no quick romp through the park, but if you were looking for several hours of immersive quake entertainment, Polygon Base will fill the bill!

Whoa, this is one big sprawling level. You gotta love these skylights though. Too bad real bases didn't have em. Maybe I would have reenlisted. Naah, maybe not.

Nice use of ramps, kinda like ducks in a shootin' gallery!