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By Jonas N.P. Lindstrom 1/9/97


The Palace of Sadlark is exactly that, a palace. This level is richly detailed and appointed, with plenty of traps, surprises, excellent architecture, and areas to explore. On reflection this is one BIG level. Sadlark could give that obnoxious bunny a run for his money, this level just keeps going and going and going.

Although it is large, it is never wide open. There are plenty of nooks and crannies and side alley ways for your to explore. And of course there are also majestic rooms and locations that await your visit as well. Some of these are stunning. With this detail comes just a hint of slowdown (but I played this on a lowly pent. 60 with 24 megs of ram) but it never intruded on the excellent game play.

Sadlark is no sadsack, it is a visually appealing level with plenty of things to do. There are switches to be pressed, keys to be obtained, foes to be dispatched, armor, health and ammo to be found, and that exit door to be opened. You may hesitate a bit when you do reach that exit, like all enjoyable levels you won't want to leave. But again like all wonderful user created quake levels you can always revisit it to find previously overlooked secrets and to attempt a new strategy against that tough opponent. Sadlark should leave you with a smile on your face :-).

Hmm, wonder what's behind door number one? This is an example of the detail and care in architecture found throughout this map.

Welcome to the crypt house. Just one of the many fine locations you will visit in The Palace of Sadlark.