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By Erik Robson 9/2/97


"The story: Scragg infestation in the sewer system. You've been contracted by the Sewage Safety Association to break [through] an abandoned section of the system and investigate reports that sewage workers are *breeding* scraggs..." -Erik Robson

As if sewage workers don't already have their hands full enough (yech!) now they have taken to breeding scrags? Your job? Wade into the sewers and put a stop to their foul plans! Hey, its a dirty job but somebody's gotta do it. (At least we don't have the C Patch for OdorRama yet!)

This one starts out with you dropping down into the sewer system. At once you have your hands full with a pack of scrags. I hate scrags. They are ugly, breathe like they have a real problem, and I always take damage when I try and takem out. Oh well, once you get past them it gets a tad easier.

Game play is a real challenge. And you will be faced with quite a range of foes. As it turns out the sewage workers have set up a scrag incubator, you have to find it and destroy it, then make good your escape. An excellent level with tough challenging game play. And don't forget to put the lid back down when your done.

In the sewers. The broken and rusted metal stairways are nice touches.

The planning room for the "Vacuum Flush Toilet System" or the HQ for "Scraggs-R-Us". Take yer pick.Either way they gotta go.