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Work a full time job, run and update the grand daddy of Single Player Quake Review Sites "SPQ Level Heaven", and still produce some of the highest quality independent user Quake levels around? How does he do it!

However he does it, just be thankful Matt Sefton has done it again. Arcane is a wonderful map. One thing that sets all of Matt's maps apart from many others is that three letter word, F-U-N! Other maps can get top heavy and boorish with massive architecture and lose the balance of great gameplay. Arcane is a fantastic balance of mesmerizing architecture AND smart, fun game play.

Expect the unexpected: floor triggers switch on lights, walls drop to reveal foes, grenades miss their targets and yet reveal previously hidden secrets, floor sections elevate and drop, seemingly harmless walls shoot deadly nails when approached, whew, Arcane is one jam packed FUN filled level!

Arcane is the latest and best yet from Matt Sefton (in my humble opinion all of Matt's maps are of very high quality) this release clearly puts Matt in the company of the top level designers.

As usual, Matt offers realistic detail and atmospheric lighting. 

This "lava room" is simply fantastic. Note the large drain pipe at left of picture with flowing liquid!