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By Roger Staines 10/15/97


"To kill or not to kill, there is no question." -Roger Staines 

Elsinore. This Else' ain't no cow either. Roger Staines has returned with an amazing level. Elsinore Castle is the setting of Shakespeare's Hamlet Roger explains in his text file, but this level is more like Hamlet on acid. Nightmarish battles and situations. I love the way you get the Nail Gun, and once you get it you get an even bigger surprise. And there are many surprises along the way, from the knight battle on the top of the tower, to the sudden appearance of an entire fortress, Elsinore proves that this ain't your mothers Quake map. Strategic positioning may be the only saving grace to get you through this one, pickem' off from behind cover when you can. Heroic wading in and taking damage leads to an early grave in Elsinore. 

Sonya Roberts of "Court Despair" fame has provided the stunning artworks.wad but its Roger Staines all the way who provides the dramatic game play. This is a delightful romp, and much like a good book you will be anxious to see how it ends but a bit sorry that its all over. Thankfully you can load her up again and relive the adventure!

Kinda like a Quake Yankee in King Staines Court.

Ain't she sweet. Yep, she's about the sweetest thing you are gonna find here in this twisted macabre setting.