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 By Neil Manke 11/22/97
Quake C by Einar Saukas


The Story:

PLACE: Ice Moon Verte, Andromeda Galaxy TIME: 2333 A.D. STATUS: Escaped Prisoner 

After your escape from Starship:

A search of the shuttle's on-board computer reveals the location of the only habitable location within the shuttle's limited range. It is a secret supply base on the Ice Moon Verte. Hopefully, the base will be deserted because to gain shuttle range you were forced to jettison all surplus weight....including your weapons:[ ~Neil Manke

Aaahhh, the wait is finally over. Neil Manke and Einar Saukas have returned to continue their mesmerizing space romp begun in the smash hit level "Starship". "Starship" offered great gameplay and Quake C wizardry to single player Quake set in a futuristic outer space bid for escape. Starship II returns to continue that exciting adventure. 

After crashing on the Ice Moon Verte you find yourself once again in hostile territory. The moon itself offers a few surprises as you grapple to gain control over your movements as a result of the lowered gravity and slippery ice. The inhabitants appear to be cut from the same cloth that imprisoned you to begin with, because these guys are hot on your trail at once. They hunt you down on foot, with fierce dogs, and in flying patrol ships and single man flying sleds!! Yep, reminiscent of those found in the popular Duke-Nukem shooter. Neil and Einar have offered much here in that interactive moving vein, beginning with your shuttle landing on the ice floe and including your ability to operate some of the flying vehicles! Your lightsabre wielding buddies are sprinkled in here again, as well as your basic "Space Knight" and "Space Grunts". Gameplay is fun and fast, and if you should get stuck (aww come on you can do it) Neil has provided his helpful installation instructions and gameplay hints (the complete package wouldn't you say?).

Neil may well be the next Stephen King of the independent level authors for Quake. He is able to produce an amazing amount of product (Starship, Soldier of Fortune Episodes 1,2 and 3 and now Starship II) in a very short period of time (less than 3 months!). But unlike Stephen King Neil delivers consistently high quality levels that rival the best elements of exciting escapism adventure found in any medium. Just be thankful that the medium he has chosen is our beloved game of Quake.

The house that Manke built. Complete with his arachnid trademark. 

Winter sports on ice moon Verte include the ever popular, "Hunt Down and Kill the Escaped Prisoner ...ahem, [insert your name here]."

Looking dashing in the ever popular "Space Knight" ensemble and matching Quake breastplate...

Anyone for once around the lake?