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 By Marcus Dromowicz 11/23/97
Anthony 'Airon' Oetzmann for fx & speech samples
Matt 'Lemur' Sheridan for textures & skins
Martina as the voice of 'Mother'


Top Ten Reasons Why The Cassandra Calamity is a must download.

10) Gameplay is fast and furious. Challenging but yet not impossible. 

9) Architecture is realistic and structurely sound. Combat areas include small confined spaces and also open areas. 

8) Quake II not available yet.

7) Fantastic use of rotating brushes. You know walls and stuff move open and flip up and other things rotate.

6) Really creepy "Darth Vader" breathing sounds by robot like enforcers.

5) Cut Scenes! Yeah!

4) Out of control elevator ride.

3) Not one but two, countem' two complete levels!

2) You get called "Scumbag"

1) Sexy chick voice talks to you. (Very "System Shock" like).

These two levels will give you hours of entertainment. Play The Cassandra Calamity and see why Quake is still the world's greatest 3d shooter and experience a professional quality top-notch user created level.

Grunt on guard duty in the Zodiac complex. 

Hope my paperwork is in order...

Twin beds await you in the lab. Unfortunately so does Darth Vader's cousin.