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 By Anders Persson 11/25/97
And what a Final Level it is! Anders Persson adds his own style to this rather large and rather deadly base styled map. This is a fun and challenging romp. The many crates and boxes scattered throughout the base proves to be effective cover for grunts, dogs, and enforcers. Overhead walkways (some strategically positioned over entranceways) keep you dodging and firing in order to avoid and neutralize the opposition overhead. 

Game play is fast paced. You won't have a whole lot of time to sit around and plan your next move. Puzzles are logically laid out, you should not get stumped easily here (although the secrets may remain that way your first time through). 

Nice touches include rotating fans (large and deadly, I chatted through one with a grunt and he got sliced), and also moving walkways which are enabled with a strategically placed switch (which you will need to find). The positioning of the enemy was suburb. Logical gun emplacements give this base a sense of realism. The more difficult foes are very deadly, but you will quickly discover that you will have a better battle position with a bit of exploration (keep moving!). The triangular doors were also aesthetically pleasing and a bit different from the usual entranceways. 

Overall this is a fun fast paced level. One can only hope that this is only The Final Level for Anders Persson using Quake I. It would be very interesting to see what he would come up with in a Quake II setting.

Indicative of the many nooks and crannies in this large base map. 

This large rotating fan does little to cool down the intense action in The Final Level.

Is this a tunnel or a jump ramp? Both.