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By Scott McNutt 12/11/97 

 "Hard Target 2 is a heavily guarded military installation. Your mission is to clear the installation of ALL forms of life and to secure it for the upcoming landing party and get out alive, in one piece. It is a treacherous and deadly solo mission, but will provide a proving ground for a hungry rookie trying to make a name for oneself. Are you game?" ~Scott McNutt

If you're not why are you playing Quake? Hard Target 2 is quite a treat. Ready for a robust game of shoot and kill? Aaaah, I know what you are thinking, where is the fun in that? The challenge? The sport of the hunt? Well, at times you will be the hunted. Ya see this level has a bit more to offer than first meets the eye, this level includes an EarthQuake, Particle Field, Ejecting Shells, Sparks, Destroyable Light Fixtures, Damage Showing Skins on Player, and a few unusual monsters too. They are the Bazooka Babe, Manga Babe, Nun Sergeants, and Drones. Everything but the kitchen sink, huh? Yep, tons of action and enough new experiences to make you, the jaded Quake player, sit up and take notice.

The real treat here is that although there is a ton of new unusual stuff packed in this level, it never plays like it was just all thrown in together. When the ceiling tile caves in, when the light fixtures explode from an errant shot (yours or theirs), when sparks sizzle and fly, when your ejecting shells clatter across the steel floor, when you run into Bazooka Babe, it all fits together, it all feels right, like it was meant to be, nothing out of place. Gameplay is challenging. At times this Hard Target 2 feels very much like a frenetic game of deathmatch. Could be because this level is somewhat loosely based on a deathmatch level the author made some time ago. You will return to the central area and retrace your steps often to complete your mission.

Ok, enough talk soldier, grab your shotgun and head for that slipgate. Oh yeah, and watch out for those flying saucer things, they can be very deadly!