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By Jonas N.P. Lindstrom 1/7/98 


Jonas continues his excellent Sadlark series with the compelling "The 4 Runes of Sadlark". Similar to Hexen, "4 Runes" begins in a large hub or central hall with doors and corridors branching out from the hub. Your quest is to retrieve the 4 Runes.

This is a metal style map with distinctive areas of architecture corresponding to each of the 4 Runes. The Egyptian setting will be familiar as you revisit "The Temple of Amon Sadlark". Hieroglyphics, pyramids and convincing textures abound as you search for the 1st Rune. Jonas has a real flare for combining mesmerizing settings with fun, balanced gameplay. The Mayan setting is equally as well thought out and just as much fun. Another setting incorporates the use of a bunker complex. The bunker shoots rapid fire nails from three different areas and is a tough area to get through. A bit of aggressive behavior on your part will eventually see you on your way.

Weapons, ammo, and health are in good supply, you should be able to make your way through this one at a fairly good pace (dependent on the skill level you choose of course!).

If you have been overdosing on Quake II lately, "The 4 Runes of Sadlark" is a great reason to revisit Quake I. If you don't have Quake II yet, "4 Runes" is a great map to keep you in the Battle (of) Evermore.


The central hub area or main hall. From here you will begin your quest for the 4 Runes.

The Mayan courtyard. The site of many sacrifices, just try not to make yourself the next one!

Another fine example of the dramatic use of lighting and stylistic architecture.