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By Isaac Barry (aka Clorox) 12/22/97 

 Isaac Barry has created a wonderful, impressive adventure. This level proves once again that there is still good reason to leave Quake I installed on your hard drive. Your task here is to infiltrate a renegade chemical manufacturing complex and assassinate a key member.

"Murder Inc." succeeds on so many levels it's difficult to know where to begin. This level has a very different look. It smacks of the new breed of Quake textures, as Isaac  points out...

This level makes heavy use of Iikka Kernanen's "original" textures. Some bear uncanny resemblance's to Quake2 textures that have had their palette adjusted.  Could be coincidence, could be plagiarism. All I know is they kick ass over many of the original Q1 set, and Iikka is a phenomenal designer.~Isaac Barry

Beyond the fantastic look is equally fantastic gameplay. Combat situations are tough. Enemy units are in abundance, and combat takes place in tight, twisting corridors as well as open spaces with little cover. While a good selection of weapons are available, conserve ammo or you will find yourself with the default ax at the worst possible time. The range and number of foes you face will be a very tough challenge.

This is not a quick, rapid fire affair either. You will find yourself exploring a large complex with another equally imposing  section awaiting your attention. 

Fun prevails, this is an example of the kind of sophistication in level design that the new Quake II levels have yet to match. Kudos Isaac! 

Architecture styles are varied, yet when playing through they blend smoothly.

The "Ikka" new breed of Quake textures.