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By Kevin Gwartney 11/3/98

(for Quake I)

"These are the undergraves. Above lies the old church, long abandoned. You begin here in the catacombs. The door above slams shut, leaving you to find another way free. There are groans all around you. Find your way through these  catacombs and plunge into the undergraves below. Salvation lies forward ...and down." ~Kevin Gwartney

It had been quite a while since I had played Quake1 when I loaded "Undergraves" and sat back to enjoy a quick nostalgic romp. Much to my delight Kevin had put together quite an engrossing level complete with moody shadows, nifty architecture and tough combat.

Starting up above in the old church itself you are able to choose your difficulty level. From there it's underground and into the crypts. The undead are here to greet you, and you will need to whip out your trusty grenade launcher to ease them of their burden and usher them into their eternal rest.

Architecture is nicely realized with suitably dim underground lighting. The massive tower structure with rickety spiral stairway is a standout.

Gameplay moves along quickly and Kevin has provided some very appropriate verbal clues as you proceed. Only one sequence had me hunting around for what to do next, a small hidden teleportation device was revealed....but my bleary eyes missed it for some time!

Thanks Kevin for providing a fine excuse to dust off the ol' Quake1 CD and frag em' again one more time!
Smart stylish level with murky shadows and a creepy premise.
That little teleportation devise may elude you, but then again maybe not.
A very good reason to crank up the ol' Quake1 game again! 

Inside the old church above the undergraves.

A cool bright setting in an otherwise dark and creepy level. 
Welcome to the land of shadows.