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By Ludovic Texier 12/30/97 


This is some garage. But don't get your hopes up, you won't be driving the Strogg family car out of here. Your task is to succeed where others have failed, clear it out and then find the exit (on foot).

You begin in a water filled depression with one of your buddies who obviously has lost his mind. Out of respect for my sanity and what is left of his I usually nail these types.

Game play is challenging but not impossible. I found myself reverting back to sniper mode often. Partly because I enjoy watching the light show the blaster makes and partly because it provides an accurate tracer effect to gauge my aim at long distances. Thankfully there are enough weapons around to get the job done.

Stylistically Strogg's Garage is a bit confusing, maybe it's just the garage title, I was expecting something a bit different. The laser beam cage is pretty cool. As is the open area with the multiple laser beams. Walkways and ramps abound. But combined with structural supports you have enough cover for defense and practicing your long-range shooting skills. There is plenty here to keep you busy, and there are opportunities to prepare a strategy to defeat your foes. A good mix of the Strogg family is on hand here, but with a bit of planning and judicious use of the ample supply of weapons you should do fine. The most difficult task may be to find the two switches you need to open the exit door. The last one had me retracing my steps for a while.

Overall this is a good teaser of the Quake 2 maps yet to come and well worth the download.

Sorry pal but I gotta' put you out of your misery, you are driving me nuts.  

Cool laser beam cage which contains a weapon. Good thing you have been following through on your diet.

Swank blue pool, these Strogg's must be getting their design tips from Hef.