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By  YooShin Yang 1/23/98 


Death may not be worth trying but the level of the same name by Yooshin Yang certainly is.

And why is that so you ask? Well gameplay for starters. You won't be pressing your face to the monitor to try and find some hidden switch which can only be seen after you blow off some strogg guards left armpit. The stuff your going to need to get through this level is all out in plain sight. You can hustle right along as fast as you can mow down the opposition.

So does that mean that this is some plain jane level? Hardly. Take a look at them there screen shots sport. "Death Is Not Worth Trying" has enough bells and whistles to keep even your nine year old attention deficit kid brother interested. You got your rotating brushes and lasers, breakable glass (my favorite), and your hot rod space shuttle. Not to mention some very pleasing architecture and lighting effects too.

O.K. but is it fun? Well, like most things in life that is a matter of opinion and I'll give you mine...YES! But you really should give up the couple of minutes to download "Death Is Not Worth Trying" and take it for a test drive yourself. I think you will find that there is more than enough gameplay and enough of a challenge to make you happy that you did.

So go on try it, it's worth it. 


Good thing I got my all purpose marine galoshes on, looks like I'm about to get a tad wet.

Naw, this isn't the laser light show for Pink Floyd, but it's cool nevertheless ..

Hellish good looks...