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By John E. Schuch 1/20/98 

Hadley's hope is a colorful Quake II romp. From the moment you watch the space ship enter the docking bay and smash into the wall you expect the unexpected. (I expected to be able to get through that opening the accident creates and snatch up the goodies but I couldn't, that was unexpected).

I didn't expect the space views through the windows and ports to be so fluid in movement, that was a nice touch. The color lighting was also used to good effect as well as the use of darkness to create some rather unpleasant (in a good way) surprises. Strategic placement of foes was very good, one example is the berserker up on the cat walk, in such a confined area he is absolutely deadly.

Interactivity was also put to good use, plenty of switches and things to interact with in the environment, objects move, open and close, etc.

The aforementioned element of the unexpected, heightens tension and suspense. This is one map you will find yourself peering around corners not knowing what foe or situation you will encounter next.

John E. Schuch points out in the readme file that this was not a concerted effort at a top quality level but really a learning project in conjunction with the quake workshop 2 web site. But you would be hard pressed to prove that after playing  "Hadley's Hope". A fine, fun, suspense filled Quake II map. Nice job John.


The mysterious spinning cube, see it, touch it, wonder.

Another "Buck Rogers" like view into space.

I know, another window shot, I was mesmerized, what can I say?