TNT? It might as well have a sign painted on it "Do not touch" you know you're gonna push the plunger.
The cavernous rocket hanger. Screenshots can't convey the hulking size as well as the impressive construction of this building. Yes, those dots around the base of the rocket are full size Strogg guards!
 One of the dimly lit corridors.
If you did not read the readme file included in this zip you are missing half the fun of this level. Ed spins a great tale as well as setting a humorous back story for this level. I won't rehash it here, I wouldn't do it justice.
Quake 2 levels have begun to move from their infancy and demonstrate some real finesse. Ed Cope is one of these authors who is at the front of this movement and "Vostok Rising" exhibits some of these maturing traits quite nicely.
Like the best of the innovative Quake I levels before it, "Vostok" incorporates the best of the best;
Special Effects: In this category are the new sounds, including ambient bird whistles as well as some spoken phrases. Also included here are explosions and resulting vibrations.
Restraint: Judicious use of special effects. While this may seem incongruent with what has just come above, it's not. Upon first entering through the explosion hole, the musty still earthen air is palpable. The two corridors are dimly lit, you can almost see the dust motes swirling about as your movement disturbs the air. The contrast between the harsh sunlight and dim corridors seem eerily real. The comparatively "bland" use of color and texture fit the setting of this level perfectly.
Drop Jaw: I use it here as applied to the surprise or awe factor in a level. Upon first seeing the cavernous hanger which houses the Strogg rocket, you will need to use both hands to lift your jaw back into place.
"Vostok Rising" is a wonderful example of the speed in which Quake 2 levels have matured in such a short time.
Vostok Rising
Ed Cope
January 24, 1998
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