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By James Parkman 2/16/98 

Advanced Weapons Facility 1 (AWF1) is the first of 3 maps in a 3 part unit.

"Phase one of the mission requires you to infiltrate the main lab through a maintenance tunnel we've located. This tunnel is little-used, and should lead you through the upper security station, where you'll be able to take out the sentries, hopefully before they alert the entire base guard. It's going to be hairy soldier, so stay on your toes. We wish you luck."~James Parkman

This is a fun level with strong gameplay. This level begins with you outside and then fighting your way in all the way to the maintenance tunnel.

Combat situations are at times fierce (particularly near the end), but isn't that why you play to begin with soldier? Architecture is consistent, though at times it seemed a bit confusing. Not because your likely to get lost or anything, it's just that some of the locations seem a bit disorganized (you know, boxes, ladders, leading to platforms and switches tucked out of the way) but then again these Strogg vermin think a bit different then we do when laying out their installations and it does give you a bit more to do then rush through.

This level will end just as you are getting warmed up, leaving you looking for parts two and three. Let's hope James is at work on these and you can complete your mission soon.

Your starting point in AWF1 - Infiltration.

Tunnels function as hallways occasionally, a nice change from the usual.

"boxes, ladders and switches tucked out of the way"