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By  Brian Griffith 6/3/98

DOWNLOAD NOW 2.25Meg zip 

"Your mission is to infiltrate the complex, locate the mothership on the ground, and board it before it takes off into hyperspace.  USMC explosive devices have been dropped to critical points on the surface by Viper Stealth drop ships. Use these devices blow holes in walls to access new areas or to disable the Strogg armament. Just walk up to one to arm the charge, step back, and watch the show.  These explosive charges may be vital to completing your mission intact."~Brian Griffith

"Ok, I admit it. Base levels are not my all time favorite. So when I see castles in the title of any level, I already have a favorable predisposition towards it. But quite frankly, Castles of Stroggos holds its own no matter what title you put on it. 

This is a three level pack which is filled with excellent tough gameplay, large expansive architecture, and plenty of interactive sequences. You will find yourself running low on health often, dodging and scrambling as you carefully plan your attack and sequence of moves to accomplish your next task. F1 is put to good use here, advising you on tasks and objects which you might have overlooked.

Some finer points of the map which really stand out include the interactive explosive devices left by your pals, the large unmanned tracking gun which took me by surprise and the collapsing pipe structure which floods the room with water.

Castles of Stroggos is a well thought out and nicely designed level. While it may take more than a few minutes to download the sheer size of this level will keep you busy for hours. Brian Griffith is certainly a name to look for in the future!
Great interactive sequences, tough challenging gameplay.
What's with the "black hole" in appearance satellite dish? 
A large mega level with engaging gameplay and plenty of surprises to keep your interest. 

Guard hard at work, one of my favorite locations in Castles of Stroggos, visit it and see why. 

Just look at all this gadgetry, and still yet another favorite location.
Kind of puts you in mind of Quake1 eh?.