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By J.F. Gustafsson 7/2/98

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"....Two weeks later the black ship returned with a fleet of smaller ships, probably about a thousand of them landed on different places on our planet. The world was now in the hands of Quake forces. Their technology and weapons were too much for the human soldiers. Most of them were turned into slaves or just ended up dead. But some of them were able to hide in the caves created by the big earthquake. You are one of the human soldiers, trapped in a cave... All of your friends are dead and you will need to get warn people on other places. GOOD LUCK!~J.F.Gustafsson

J.F. Gustafsson has created quite an exciting premise for this quake adventure. After taking refuge in a cave to escape the otherworldly strogg forces you attempt to escape to warn the rest of the planet. 

Making good use of the F1, Gustafsson has you finding a guards personal computer and the update you read is the guards message back to base! Nice touch.

Architecture is perhaps the most different aspect about this level, you never really find yourself in a proper room. It is all apparently underground passageways, tracks (some dangerously broken), and remnants of buildings. This is a nice departure from the usual Quake2 look. The underground setting is appropriately gloomy.

Gameplay is tough. Not only will you fight some challenging battles, but you will also find yourself jumping from one precarious position to another. Just when you make that perfectly timed jump another aftershock comes along and throws you around. But don't give up, it can be done without cheating! 

While perhaps a bit on the smallish side, you may not notice it due to the fact that this level is as challenging as they come.
Different in look and feel, welcome to 1964. 
Agile jumping required, may throw off some who are in it for the frags only.
A refreshing premise, engaging gameplay and the promise of a sequel.

These boys don't take kindly to you and your kind. To them all humans were born on the wrong side of the tracks.
A refreshing room after your struggles with strogg, traps and lava.
Creative build and fine depiction of a gritty, subterranean look.