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By Matt Barnett 5/8/98

Rumours are rife of a secret strogg chemical plant on one of stroggos' small moons. Recent recon expeditions have confirmed its existence and that the strogg may well be developing some sort of product for use in chemical weapons. Your mission is to destroy the reaction vessel deep within the chemical plant, it may even be underground, and then rendezvous with survivors at the surface and await the rescue party. ~Matt Barnett

Chemical Plant is a solid gaming experience. It opens with you having to traverse quite a distance underwater to gain entrance to the plant itself. This is a nice break from charging the main doors or simply appearing inside the base itself. It also helps to add to the suspense and mystery of exploration as you attempt to find your way through the water intake tunnels without running out of air.

Once inside its a straight forward matter of battling your way through the deadly array of stogg denizens and completing the separate tasks of shutting down the plant itself. 

Architecture and build are solidly accomplished creating a sense of realism and believability. The sheer size of this level (contained in two separate bsp's) also adds to the experience. There is plenty to see and do here, unlike some other levels which are over almost as soon as you have begun.

Having accomplished your task you need to use the water intake pipes again to make your escape, again avoiding those nasty intake fan blades and the strong water currents.

A well defined mission with plenty of fun gameplay.
Somewhat derivative of all other levels that have preceded it.
A solid can't-go-wrong download with plenty of action and exploration.
A "Brains" hard at work maintaining critical chemical levels.


Strogg on the lookout for intruders.



Brewing the chemicals to perfection.