A well lit area aboard the StroggShip.
Another casualty of the StroggShip cafeteria, this guard doubles over in pain lying on his bed in sickbay.
Cryogenic tubes are ready to awaken new Strogg vermin. Get ready!
"...It is up to you to get yourself off the ship...I am but a lone USMC marine, and they expect me to bring this Strogg ship down?!  So far, I seem to still be undetected by the Strogg populous; at least I have that advantage." ~ from included readme file.
Brian Griffith continues his Castles Of Stroggos 3 level set with episode number 2, StroggShip.
Stroggship is indeed an alien experience. At times you will find yourself exploring small claustrophobic hallways with strobe lighting, half expecting gobs of alien drool to drop from the ceiling. At other times you will find yourself in well lit spacious rooms fitted with technological apparatus and staffed by Strogg nasties. This schizophrenic design approach also applies to the general architecture and texture choice employed aboard the ship. Each unopened door, each turn in the hallway conceals a very different setting from what came before. As a result this makes for some very tasty exploration. You are never quite sure what to expect next, you never really are able to get comfortable with your surroundings. One room finds you in a medical bay, another section of the ship is actually a prison, another an office, another section a crate filled warehouse, another contains cryogenic equipment and each one with its own look and design. Welcome to the mind of the alien.
Gameplay is good with combat situations providing a solid workout. Sounds are very atmospheric heightening the tension at appropriate times. Your mission goals are easily understood which keeps everything moving along at a quick pace.
StroggShip ends without you actually making your escape off the vessel. For that one you just have to wait for the sequel. Coming Soon...
TITLE:          StroggShip
Castles of Stroggos:2
AUTHOR:          Brian Griffith
DATE:                 October 16, 1998
FILESIZE:          2.42 MB
DOWNLOAD: Fileplanet
H I G H S:
Creepy sounds and strobe lighting create tension par excellence.
L O W S:
Lack of windows or portals helps to decrease the idea that this is an actual space ship.
N U T   S H E L L:
A fun exploration packed level. Play this one in the dark...if you dare!