A large "organic" hall.
Follow this path to the opening ahead to enter the H.R.Giger inspired installation.
 Unique style of build begs for exploration.
"...the air current flows from ancient shafts twisting deeper into the earth, through a vast and mostly inoperative ventilation shaft. At the source of the air current,  strange entrance of gears and slime stands mute, but on your approach, it opens like a grotesque mouth receiving its victim. After a moments hesitation, you step slowly into the portal's maw. You are falling..." ~ from included readme file.
Breed a few Strogg with several Alien creatures (from the movie of the same name) and you might begin to understand the type of installation that awaits you in Dark Undergrowth. Guf has taken the "four walls and a floor" approach and thrown it out the window. Instead he has replaced it with some of the most "organic" type architecture yet devised for Quake II. This novel "alienesque" architecture sets an unsettling mood that simply begs for exploration. From the moment I entered the "organic" installation I was hooked. The more traditional sections are impressive as well, with some even bordering on the majestic.
But it's not all just good looks. You will quickly find yourself immersed in a fine action adventure first begun in the excellent storyline detailed in the readme file (this is a must read). While accomplishing your mission you will engage a variety of Strogg in some excellent combat settings. Health and ammo are in good supply and should see you through your objectives.
If this is what we can expect from guf and his development team entitled the Fugue State, then the future is indeed bright.....or perhaps a bit darker, in an alienesque sort of way.
AUTHOR:    Christian 'Guf' Cummings
DATE:           January 24, 1999
FILESIZE:     3.90MB
DOWNLOAD: Fileplanet
H I G H S:
Highly original "Organic" look.
L O W S:
Maze type build in beginning section may disorient the faint hearted.
N U T   S H E L L:
A very different looking level. Fan's of the "Alien" movie series and H.R.Giger will find this much to their liking.