Jeff Aranyl
Isaac Barry
 Murder Inc.
Pete Burrows
 From Hell
Robert  Cruickshank
 The Frater Fracas
Robert  Cruickshank
Marcus Dromowicz
 The Cassandra Calamity
Tim Elek
The Occursed
Christian Grawert
Numb Nimbus
Kevin Gwartney
Jim Hendrickson
 The Hallowed Halls
Ikka Keranen
 The Secret Installation
Juha Koiste
 Area 51
Jonas N.P. Lindstrom
 The 4 Runes of Sadlark
Jonas N.P. Lindstrom
The Palace of Sadlark
Jonas N.P. Lindstrom
 Temple of Amon-Sadlark
Rich Lipsey
  Polygon Base
Stuart Maine
Neil Manke
 Dark Nite
Neil Manke
 Road to Inverurie
Neil Manke
Neil Manke
 Silhouette of Darkness
Neil Manke
 Soldier of Fortune
Neil Manke
Neil Manke
 Starship II
Chris Mayers
The Hive Part II (Metro) 
Scott McNutt
 Hard Target 2
 Office Of The Dead
Dick Oliver
 Happy Fun Quake
Anders Persson
 The Final Level
Zied Rieke
 Severe Exposure
Zied Rieke
 Vivisect Six
Sonya Roberts
 Court Despair
Erik Robson
 Waterworks v.3
Matt Sefton
Kevin Shanahan
Moonlight Assault
Roger Staines
 The Ancient Aqueduct
Roger Staines
Roger Staines
 Ghost Town
Daniel Vogt
 Morbidity: 1
Matthias Worch
 Beyond Belief
Jonathan Wright

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