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Fodrian is a planet. Though it isn't exaclty a medieval version of Coruscant, it is flecked and pitted with numerous cities, some vaster than could ever be fully explored. While the events of Contract Revoked depicted the trial of one lone slipgater, countless other beings have visited this world down the ages. Daring individuals frequently invade the library-cities, hoping to steal artifacts of great power and renown.

Written on pages torn out and discarded, filed away in secrecy or scattered to the winds, these are their stories.

Download ( 15.5 mb )

Running The Pak

Extract to your quake directory, making sure Use Folder Names is checked. This will create a subfolder called /chapters which contains all the content.

Note that when you run the pak, add to your quake engine command line:

-hipnotic -game chapters

and not simply -game chapters. This is to enable the Scourge Of Armagon HUD layout that we have utilized for our powerups. You do not need to have Scourge Of Armagon installed for this to work.

We recommend FitzQuake as the engine of choice for playing The Lost Chapters.

Voreling: Nasty, knee-biting newborn. It doesn't take much to put them down, but what they lack in strength they make up for with enthusiasm. And weight of numbers.
Flying Polyp: A grotesque piece of floating slime that will rip you with its blast attack. If that's not enough, it has other tricks to try.
Drole: A truly bizarre looking brute that shoots exploding shells, but also likes to get up close for that finishing touch. It's not choosy. Keep an eye out for this one because he's certainly keeping an eye out for you.
Warhammer: Melee upgrade. When you grab this meaty mallet your axe is automatically discarded. You now do twice the damage in a brawl. But can you get close enough to use it?
Trinity: Forged from the three nails used to crucify Christ, this rune will multiply your attack damage by three - but only for your nail weapons.
Cross Of Deflection: Not as powerful as the pentagram, but a welcome defense nonetheless.
The Cross will protect you completely from falling injury, drowning in water, and burning in slime or lava. Explosive blast-radius is no longer harmful ( and that includes your own rockets ) but a direct hit is still gonna hurt. Everything else in Quake will still manage half damage against a Cross, though it won't save you from the void.
So watch your step.