As a slipgate warrior of great experience, you are the veteran of countless battles on the dusty worlds that lie scattered throughout the universe, and the spaces in between.
In a lifespan measured only by the accumulation of victories, you have made friend and foe of the strangest creatures that populate these realms.
Unbound by such futile concepts as good and evil, the last allegiance you gave was with the monstrous entity known in the human languages as 'Cthon'.
A contract, inscribed on daemon hide and signed in your own blood, has bound your life to Cthon. The awesome power and insight of this fearsome servitor of the Great Old Ones has served you well in time, but now the day has come for Cthon to collect on this bloody pact.

However, a being of such raw destruction as Cthon well recognises your warrior prowess and the Great Old Ones, it seems, are not without a sense of humour. Cthon has offered you the chance to terminate the diabolical agreement between you.
The contract is secreted in a library of the ancient outer worlds, amidst a city of hostile creatures. Towards this you are hurtled through a slipgate to seek your release. If successful, you will be freed of obligation; if not, you will be freed of life.

Time has already run out.

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