Flisk ( cybronic chitinid )
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"We am the one within many"

The only living member of the chitinid race to be drawn into the Arena Eternal was the infamous Klesk. As the last individual of a hive-race it was Klesk's honour, and burden, to be the progenitor of a new breed of chitinids. The Vadrigar themselves took control of this process, Klesk having originally given itself over to the Arena Masters in exchange for the preservation of its species.
Never content with the natural biology of an organism, the Vadrigar invested the new generation with mechanical enhancements and Flisk was hatched, the first cybronic chitinid to survive the incubator labs.
Raised from an eggling to be a gladiator, Flisk's manifold psychology was honed with a new strain of wetwiring to keep insanity at bay and provide the Masters with yet another gifted and obsessive fighter. As well as focusing Flisk's bizarre attentions on the immediate experiences of combat, the cybronics also improved its skill and speed.
Chitinid's are born with innate racial memories so Flisk does have knowledge of its origins and nature. But the Vadrigar do their work well and no hint of sentimentality seeps through the mesh of cybronic programming that weaves through Flisk's brain; death and destruction hold endless fascination for it, and the pre-arena life of the chitinids is almost forgotten.

Flisk has developed a taste for high-tech weaponry, and the Plasmagun is its favourite of these. Its larger cousin, the BFG, is also something that Flisk likes to get its spiky hands on when the opportunity arises.
Splash damage occasionally causes Flisk problems, but it is quite adept with the Machinegun so uses that when neccessary.
Speed is also something that gives Flisk a heady rush so it is always on the lookout for a Haste powerup, especially if it can combine its effect with its favourite gun.
Having a more refined psychology than its predecessor allows Flisk to control its combat better, but it will vigourously press home any advantage it has.

The cybernetic implants in Flisk's head lend its fanatical monologues a slightly mechanical edge, but like its brood-parent Klesk, it is still clearly a butress or two short of a cathedral.

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