Azuramania - the blue madness
central atriumflanking pillarstop shelfdangerous crossing
Download ( 195kb )

A rocket launcher level, cranked up to insanity speed. The frag count can be high, both positive and negative; I don't know exactly what that liquid is, but whatever it is, it hurts. If that doesn't prove fatal, try increasing your sv_maxspeed to 400 for a diagnosis of 'acute' azuramania.

This map was partly inspired by dm4. The similarity is in the t-walkway and the liquid hazard that fills the bottom of the atrium. From there up it gets a bit different. I used blue warpfluid instead of lava to ensure what was presumably the original intention in dm4 - inescapable death. No Sujoy-jumping here, people...stay out of it.
This was also my first 'blue' map, an aesthetic that works well in Quake.
My second blue map, Ethernaut, is even more like The Bad Place.

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