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'The stars danced mockingly, almost shifting now and then to form pale signs of doom that one might wonder one had not seen and feared before; and ever the winds of ether howled of vague blackness and loneliness beyond the cosmos.'
- H. P. Lovecraft, 'The Dream-Quest Of Unknown Kaddath'

Built and released during the last few days of QExpo 2001.

This is my most dm4-ish level. Although the bottom of the central atrium plunges into lethal darkness instead of glowing lava, much of the warp and flow of dm4 can be felt in the remainder of the map. I was fortunate to have Ethernaut playtested by a confirmed dm4 expert at a LAN party and he was immediately hooked, developing tactics and trickjumps I hadn't even thought of.

Visually distinct from the neutral grayish-browns of my other levels, Ethernaut is vibrant blue, a characteristic derived from the cobalt-based minerals from which its primary architecture is built.

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