Heart Of The Heathen
center roomshadowring plintheast teleporterabove the pool
Download kdmh.zip ( 213kb )

"When shall we three meet again, in thunder, lightning or in rain?
When the hurlyburly's done, when the battle's lost and won.
That will be ere the set of sun.
Where the place?
Upon the heath.
There to meet with Macbeth.
I come, Graymalkin!
Paddock calls: anon!
Fair is foul, and foul is fair, hover through the fog and filthy air"
- Macbeth, I, i

Heart Of The Heathen is a compact, highly connected map with two Rocket Launchers and two teleporters that are bound together to give four-way teleportation. A carefully placed Ring Of Shadows becomes a highly prized artifact in this fast flowing map.

This is my 'green' Quake map. Originally I planned to use the episode 2 brick texture, but became increasingly confident with my own texturing abilities. I also wanted to build a four-way teleporter in one of my maps and have at least one inverted water feature somewhere as well. This is also my Shadowring map; I think invisibility is an underused powerup and I tried to make a map where it was an advantage tactically as well as ballistically.

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