The Killing Jar
toxic chambermiddle atriumpiperoombiohazard!
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The action takes place in a toxic waste facility. Cliche? Yes. Crap level? No.
My first level to contain a bio-suit. Find out why when you play, 'Aaarrghh! Help! My Face Is Melting!' The name refers to the device used to kill insect specimens; it consists of a sealed container partially filled with poisonous chemical.

The Killing Jar is a deliberate attempt to build a deathmatch level suitable for 16 players. I've experienced crowded servers many times; dm1 with 16 players isn't a deathmatch, it's a feeding frenzy.
I think The Killing Jar is about as large as a deathmatch level can be, in terms of physical playerspace, filesize and brushcount. Also, I wanted to build a level in which the primary artifact was the bio-suit, instead of the conventional rocket launcher/red armour/quad damage. By omitting all other powerups and dumping the RL and RA in the toxic pond, the emphasis is shifted to the suits.

The style of The Killing Jar, being one of the few industrial maps I've built, is defined by the corroded green textures from Rubicon by John 'metlslime' Fitzgibbons. Rubicon remains the best piece of Single Player Quake I've experienced and one of the best custom packages ever released.

Because of the size, and the larger arsenal of weaponry, The Killing Jar also plays rather well in Aardappel's DMSP mod, which allows for non-linear monster bashing in any level with deathmatch start positions. It's a lot of fun.
Download it from his site

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