Storm Halls
the thorspikecorner hallceltic crossingbasement armoury
Download ( 313kb )

Thunder and lightning charge your weapons, blood marks your way. Thor bids you welcome...

Scourge Of Armagon contained only one dedicated deathmatch map, Levelord's(c) Edge Of Oblivion which instigated the space map genre. However, SOA contained a lot of cool content including some novel weapons.
I often base my map ideas on a primary weapon then build the layout to emphasise the particular gameplay that entails; Storm Halls is my tribute to the Mjolnir. Originally I wanted to make the map entirely close combat, but quickly realized that was impractical in a game where everyone is constantly running. So I kept the Mjolnir as the primary artifact and changed the emphasis to lightning. SOA has many lightning-based traps and effects in its code and a subtle celtic theme in some of its textures. Think of Storm Halls as the Mission Pack 1 deathmatch map that got lost in time.
You will, of course, require Scourge Of Armagon to play this map.

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