Void Runner
upper platformquad islandpyramid interiorunderside
Download kdmv.zip ( 315kb )

A gigantic living machine, built by unhuman will. Known only as the Void Runner; and then only to those very few of us privy to arcane mysteries. Silent and ancient, she drifts through the abyss of the cosmic interstice bound for some unknown destination, carrying on her back the load of a sacred temple raised to blasphemous gods, she plays host to any unwary deathmatchers who happen to be passing.

Lost as she is in the abyss, the Void Runner must generate her own gravity via a battery of synchronised graviton field generators situated throughout her sub-structures. However, given the limited capacity of a vehicle this size, the pull produced is low. You should experience gravitational acceleration approximately half that of terrestrial conditions.

Although I discovered The Edge Of Oblivion in Scourge Of Armagon like most Quake players, it wasn't until I played Quake 3's The Longest Yard at a games night that I really got the feel of space maps. I'm always striving to make each of my maps different from the previous, and I decided that space mapping was something I had to try in Quake. Apart from the unique effect space mapping has on layout, I really wanted to test my understanding of how similar, and how different, Quake and Quake 3 are. Consequently, you won't find any jump pads on the surface of the Void Runner. Nor will you find a Railgun. I also used a trigger_setgravity entity to increase the options for travelling between altitudes. This prevents Void Runner being played correctly in Quakeworld - you'll have to set sv_gravity 400 at the console. Or play the map in a mod that conatins the trigger_setgravity entity, such as Scourge Of Armagon.

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