Krusade ( cybronic human )
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"I've burned in the furnaces of Gehenna, slain Shamblers on the wastes of Tharsk. I fought, I survived. And I will not be defeated now"

Even in his youth, amongst the tribespeople of the planet Caratacus, the soldier now calling himself Krusade was known across the lands as 'Khairusiad' which means 'The One Who Slays Daemons'.
As had happened before on his world, the warrior priests of the Siderial Order came from the sky to select the very best the planet's population had to offer. Their mission was to raise an army dedicated to the killing of hostile lifeforms that would be launched on a glorious war, a crusade, to exterminate the Dark Young and their blasphemous kind from the Known Worlds.
What this young warrior experienced was far from glorious, but he understood the language of death innately and wasted no time performing his task.
Already enhanced considerably beyond normal human endurance, these warriors could survive terrible confrontations by the aid of cybernetic technologies of sometimes dubious origin. Krusade was one whose courage led him to suffer greatly.
Time and again, wounds that would prove fatal to a lesser being were repaired with sophisticated, but grotesque cybronic enhancements, until much of the man's original physique was unrecognisable.
The irony of this is that the more inhuman creatures Krusade has dispatched, the more inhuman he himself has become. Krusade has dedicated his life to protecting human existence from the worst nightmares the univers has to offer. Fighting is the only discipline he knows, and to retain his humanity Krusade has elevated his talent for other-species destruction into a personal code of deeply held ethics. This belief is the driving force behind his fighting skill and its roots in his earliest years is betrayed by the Caratic Cross emblazoned on his chestplate. The fulfilment of faith is the truest human expression now at Krusade's disposal, his face being one of the last components of his body to be lost.
Inevitably, such warrior prowess attracted the attention of the ever-vigilant Vadrigar, and Krusade found himself in the Arena Eternal. Having perfected a lifelong role as a slayer of daemonic aliens of every breed and disposition, Krusade finds nothing in the arenas surprising, except a gladiator who can best him.

The Railgun and Rocket Launcher are Krusade's first choice of weapons and he uses both with amazing accuracy. As a secondary armament, he will use the Shotgun more than the Machinegun because he is more familiar with close-quarters fighting.
Krusade will use the Quad when the situation demands, but it's the Medkit and Regeneration that he really values to quickly salve the wounds he recieves.
Aggression is not overly visible in his tactics, since he has also developed the ability to control his emotions. Krusade has learned the hard way that discretion can often be the better part of valour, and avoids fighting against the gradient when possible. Honourable to a fault, Krusade never camps and will not attack an opponent if he percieves them to be otherwise occupied.
But don't be fooled: his ethical approach does not blunt his skill in any way, and few gladiators have weapon skill as honed as Krusade's.

Krusade is unflinchingly grounded in the righteousness of his purpose and has a lifetime of experience to vindicate this belief. Despite taking himself a little too seriously, he is a good soldier and knows it.

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