Magdalena ( cyberdaemonic artillery unit )
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"All less than Thisunit. All wait on gun gift"

The human civilization known as the Molochai was renowned in it's time for creating some of the most powerful and grotesque cybernetic war machines in the Known Wolrds. In the strategic build up to one of their more notorious campaigns, historically known as the Razing Of Naxos, a new regiment of mobile artillery creatures was born. Nothing is now recorded of the origins of the subject species, save that they were physically tough, naturally agressive and bore a notable amount of intelligence for such a bestial race.
As with all of the Molochai mutant slave-fighters, a large amount of mechanical enhancement was grafted onto each specimen. The most distinct feature is the large gun emplacement they carry on their backs which was intended to provide ranged supporting fire for the Molochai infantry. In addition to this, rigourous animal training was used to hone the creatures' violent tendencies into a co-ordinated and self-reliant fighting strategy. Most of them took to their new role well, relishing the chance to decimate numerous enemies on the field of battle.
However, during the ultimately unsuccessful campaign to wrest control of Naxos from the Azuryan empire, a temporal rift phenomenon opened up across a small section of the planet and swallowed a hefty chunk of the Molochai army. Nothing was ever seen again of these luckless troops and the entire Gunbeast regiment was lost. Unbeknowst to the rest of galactic humanity, the Vadrigar were able to save a few individual beasts and pitched them into the Arena Eternal.
To this day, the handful of Gunbeasts that inhabit the arenas are the only remnants of a once thriving alien race. They know this and fight on with staggering tenacity, determined not to let their kind vanish from the cosmos unremembered.

Magdalena and it's siblings will use most weapons available in the arenas effectively, though their original millitry function is betrayed in their favouring of artillery type weapons such as the Rocket and Grenade Launchers and the Plasmagun. Their enthusiasm with these weapons frequently causes the Gunbeasts to inflict damage on themselves. Although not their first choice, they have learned to use the Railgun competently in open arenas. Visibly uncomfortable with the Lighting Gun, it remains largely ignored. They are notably aggresive, but not foolish, preparing themselves before bearing down on an enemy.
Anything which will increase the potency of their precious gun turret is favoured, especially the Quad which they will eventually seek in any level that contains one. Other powerups will be acqired by them, but only after they have completed a confrontation.

The Gunbeasts' mechanically trained minds coupled with their alien origins makes their attempts at dialogue rather laboured and obscure. Their experiences incline them to view all other lifeforms as potential cannon fodder, so any praise they give is significant.

Magdalena model by Bastiaan "SkullboX" Schravendeel
Magdalena skins by Jason "Dark_Horizon" Sallenbach, Eyal "shotgun" Shoham, David "Kingofdaveness" King, Scott "Marine" Sissons, Paul "SouL" David

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