Mephisto ( undead chitinid )
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"We Are Legion"

The chitinid physiology, having an innate capacity for bearing multiple personalities, has oftentimes been utilised by the most adept necrotechs as a vessel for composite spirits. Known as 'spire wraiths' amongst the more superstitious cultures, these ethereal creations can become immensely powerful from the collected lifeforce they contain. They survive much longer than most undead, perhaps even longer than their original species incarnations would have allowed, and frequently outlive their creators.
What became of the individual responsible for Mephisto's existence is now a matter of speculation. Without doubt, he or she was a sorceror-engineer of incredible accomplishment, but like as not they met their end long ago in an unnatural manner. Such is the way with those too morbidly obsessed with the processes of death.
The legacy they have left, however, may have been their own twisted quest for immortality. For Mephisto is rare in that it carries not merely a handful of tortured souls, but the death-memory of an entire world. The planet in question is Cimmeria, the WakeWorld, now legendary for the catastrophic infestation of the Dark Young which decimated its population and turned its surface to ash. Those that survived, it is said, live on as the mysterious nomadic tribe called the Gimiri. Those that perished now inhabit Mephisto.
Like the Gimiri, the Mephisto collective has adopted the Koraxis, an ancient custom of vengeance-obligation. To where and whom they believe this will ultimately lead them is uncertain, but this singular purpose binds their many minds together into an unflinching will.
Encountering Mephisto is an unnerving experience for any gladiator. Death holds no fear for it and all its chilling voices cry out in unison for revenge.

Any means of dispensing destruction is welcomed by the Mephisto collective; all weapons in the arenas are likely to be used although it does seem particularly comfortable with the Lightning Gun and Railgun.
Powerups are also sought by Mephisto at every opportunity, especially the Invisibility which suits its ghostly aspect the most.
Having experienced death more times even than most gladiators, Mephisto behaves with an obvious lack of fear and occasionally leads itself inadvertently to destruction. So many voices in one being inevitably causes Mephisto to lose focus from time to time, but confrontation always brings its attention back to the task at hand.

The spirits within Mephisto's frame are so consumed with their own anger and grief they are almost unable to communicate with others. Only the briefest utterences ever escape its macabre mind.

Mephisto skin created by gettothechoppa aka: *emo*

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