Pyre ( undead humans )
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"Burn forever!"

After the departure of Shol-Tem-Moggoroth from the defeat of the Andosillian Armada, the Vadrigar were left not only with the devastated remains of its flagship but also the scorched and dessicated corpses of its fated crew. Always seeking new and ever more twisted ways to populate their arenas, the Masters gathered together the litter of bones that drifted amidst that astral graveyard and infused them with a crude, debased form of unlife.
As with many amongst the ranks of undead, this disjointed parody of human form carries only a vague yet compelling memory of its former existence; the absolute conviction of militry might that led the Andosillians to their demise, the abject terror when that might proved worthless in the face of death and the final agony as Shol-Tem-Moggoroth ate their souls. A raw mix of aggression and pain fire the mind of this undead aberation, its only fulfilment being to inflict as much of that experience onto the gladiators who cross its path.
Being effectively an automaton of the Arena Masters, Pyre's ferocity is propelled into every combat by the ruthlessness of Their will. It shows no sign of abating.

Large-calibre rail guns were the main aresenal mounted on the warships of the Andosillian Armada and no ship yet built could sustain a direct hit from one of these without suffering catastrophic damage. Perhaps some of the gun crews' skill survives within Pyre since the Railgun available in the Arena Eternal is clearly its favourite weapon. The Machine Gun is also well used in its fiery grasp.
Pyre will seek both aggressive and defensive powerups, especially the Battle Suit as it allows unhindered movement amongst the more infernal regions of the arenas and sometimes the Quad for the sheer quantity of damage it offers.
Perishing in the void holds a particular horror for Pyre, so the Personal Teleporter is an item it prizes above all others.

The crude and bastardized mind inside Pyre's burning skull is a nightmarish confusion of many residual memories. It is capable of articulation, but only to emit sparks of enmity or the occasional eruption of guttural hate.

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