Zael ( flightless gargoyle )
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'And there were giants on the earth in those days. And later, when the sons of god came unto the daughters of men and they beared children to them. These were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown.'
- Genesis:6:4

"A storm draws in, and I am here"

Zael is a strange mix of traits, being the offspring of a gargoyelian father and a human mother. Other historical examples of this species-bridging are briefly recorded, but whether such unions were an act of violence or consent can only be guessed.
Nonetheless, the spirit of the ancients sought to plant itself in the fertile stock of the human race and characters such as Zael came to be. While not entirely unique, they are exceptionally rare and seldom meet another being quite like themselves.
An intensely romantic personality, Zael deals with the anguish of his heritige through a poetic and somewhat existential view of life. His mixed parentage has made it difficult for him to associate with members of his mother's species, who generally respond to him with fear. Of his more supernatural lineage, Zael knows only what he can discover himself. This is compounded by the fact that he has no personal experience of either parent; the only memories of his origins he carries are a vague yet intoxicating sensation of heat and storm.
Cast adrift in life, Zael likes to percieve himself as the archetypal wanderer, a voyager through experience as well as space and time. He is capable of great feats of courage and confrontation but ultimately masks the true fragility of his troubled soul. Now inhabiting the Arena Eternal, whether as a prisoner or guest, Zael has at least found solace in a place that values his individuality.

Zael's favourite weapon by far is the Lightning Gun - he will travel great distances across an arena to acquire one and uses the weapon with great skill once he does. In the absence of a Lightning Gun, a Shotgun or Railgun are commonly his second choice because they cause no splash damage. Protection is very important to Zael: he often feels vulnerable and retreats frequently to replenish health and armour. As an extension of this behaviour, the Battle Suit powerup is a prize acquisition for him, more as defence against enemy fire than environmental hazards.
However, Zael's blood still runs with preternatural force and when fragged, this aspect of his inhuman ancestry can rise up in a torrent of wrath.

Despite being accepted as an equal by his fellow gladiators, Zael's lyrical commentary on the events of a battle betray him as one of the loneliest creatures in the Arena Eternal.

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