Quake 1 Textures
All of the custom textures I have created for my maps, both Deathmatch and Single Player, are composed into these various wads.
Apart from the Fury textures, most of them were designed as texture themes rather than whole wads, with the greatest variation and compatibility amongst the Knave textures. Most of the themes can be used in the general catagories of wood, stone, brick and so on, allowing for much cross-polination between these and other wads.
There's around 800 textures available on this page.

   kstone2     r3_128srqw     pvsepblu     mbrk2_1

   wdriv1     shelf_2     kgr2_p     kbrickl1

Download knave.zip ( 455 textures / 3 mb )

The large texture wad used for Contract Revoked and The Lost Chapters. Then expanded for Red777. This download contains many textures not used in the final maps and lots of variants on the ones that were. Also included in the downlaod are map files containing prefabs of the various arches with correct texture alignment applied.
There's enough here to keep any mapper going for a while.

   ga3ev     gxflr3_x     ga3xokelvin     hzdg

   kw5_1     ga3tl32     gf56464     ga3xl12

Download fury.zip ( 161 textures / 808kb )

Previously called factory.wad, these are the textures inspired by Alien 3 I used for my deathmatch map The Wasp Factory.
The main theme is the coroded brown industrial structures of which there are several variants. There are also three sets of floor textures and a selection of hazard yellow detail textures, all with frequent use of the classic sci-fi font Microgramma. The wad could be expanded much more, but I constructed it only for one map and had other projects to work on at the time.

KDM Textures
   tlwal2     rb6464ssr     nstn32r     vtech_gp

   knot3     vstnfcv     fp32     tnnlw3_2

Download kdmtex.zip ( 117 textures / 714kb )

This wad is merely a compilation of the textures I made for my earlier deathmacth maps, some of which are heavily modified id textures.
Most of the maps use only a handful of textures, so it wouldn't be worth releasing them individually. The themes for each map are usually expressed through a primary wall texture which, filling most of the player's FOV, defines the look of the map along with a primary floor and ceiling or detail texture. At least one variant of the wall texture commonly exists and other features such as stairs or switches have their own texture themes for the corresponding map.
This wad also contains a series extrapolated from the texture wizmet1_2, probably the most universally applicable texture ever.

How each map sub-set can be used is entirely up to you.

   pw4     cqwblxe     mdstn1     zstngd_32

   bpav2     rtmpl2     gwal5     de4_1

Download apocrypha.zip ( 170 textures / 1,367kb )

The remainder of the Quake 1 textures I created over the last year or so are bundled rather haphazardly into this wad. These are the textures that never made it into a map either because they didn't match the theme or never had an intended destination.
Some of the texture groups look like aborted attempts at new wads; it is probably best to view this material as such since there really isn't enough consistency in the wad for it to function alone. Like my deathmatch textures, you should probably draw on this wad in conjunction with other textures.
You could even use some of those 'aborted' wads as the basis for whole new texture themes.

To retain consistency amongst certain texture groupings, a few textures from the other wads are duplicated here.

During the author's thorough investigation of the construction of the original id levels, it appears that the talented and usually meticulous American McGee has made a minor ommision in e1m8, Ziggurat Vertigo.
At the end of the level, just outside the secret door that conceals the nail gun ammo, there is a square floor recess presumably intended to house one of the circular white uplighters that appear as a recurring motif throughout the level.

As part of the service offered by my humble web-site, Signs Of Koth would like to provide that missing component.

So here it is: