Downloads ( 1.4 mb )
This download contains just the latest patch, pak2.
Download this if you already have everything prior to the patch installed. ( 31 mb )
This download contains just the second release and the patch, pak1 and pak2. Download this if you already have the first part of Quoth installed. ( 51 mb )
This download contains all previous releases plus the latest patch, pak0, pak1, and pak2 together.

Running The Pak

Create a subfolder in your /quake directory called /quoth. Extract or into it.
The content is contained in pak0.pak and pak1.pak The next update will, obviously, be pak2.pak

Note that when you run the pak, add to your quake engine command line:

-hipnotic -game quoth

and not simply -game quoth. This is to enable the Scourge Of Armagon HUD layout that we have utilized for our powerups and weapons. You do not need to have Scourge Of Armagon installed for this to work.

We recommend FitzQuake as the engine of choice for playing Quoth.

The Content

The intention behind Quoth is to provide a large portion of content in as easily accessible form as possible for both players and mappers. The components are designed to be consistent with the original id content as well as each other. More is under development and updates will be released as and when they are ready. Yes we are mad, but ours is a madness brought on by divining the blasphemous truths of a terrible cosmos. Or something.

We have also built maps using this content to coincide with its release, but they are provided as separate downloads. Individual maps such as these will not be included in Quoth pak files, but are instead expected to be downloaded and placed in the /quoth/maps folder, as would be done for standard maps in the /id1/maps folder.
There are maps in the pak file too, but they are not standalone epics. You'll find out more about them below.

Features whose names are in yellow are new, and part of the second release.
Features whose names are in
white were previously released.

Monsters Weapons Items Environment Maps Extras


The realms of Quake are never-ending and the creatures that inhabit them just keep coming, in ever more exotic shapes and sizes. Here are those currently pouring out of a bonegate near you.

Sentinel: Part organic. Part mechanic. All monstrous, and intent on seeing off intruders with a simple approach. They're not smart, but they are persistent.
Comes in two flavours: hot and spikey.
Bob: Kelvin Industries security drone model 808. 'Bob' to his friends. Scorching laser death to his enemies.
Rocketeer: Goons with pocket-sized rocket-sized weapons, and a knack for finding their target.
Defender: Commando style. Their guns may not be the latest from R&D, but they have the kit to make a beef with you. And they like to keep a backup handy, for close encounters.
Pyro: These maniacs have traded-in the concussive firepower of their comrades in favour of a more primal approach to combat.
They ask the age old question "how do you make a slipgater go woof?!" The answer? Rather easily it seems. Unless they're wearing a biosuit...
Eliminator: Top of the line security detail. Elite and replete with plasma firepower, trained to combat the creatures encountered on the other side of the slipgate. A solitary interloper should be mere sport by comparison.
Flak Ogre: Another cannibal butcher, who tenderises victims with repeatedly applied spikes.
Edie: He's very heavy. He's very metal. And he is very. Bad. News.
Voreling: Nasty, knee-biting newborn. It doesn't take much to put them down, but what they lack in strength they make up for with enthusiasm. And weight of numbers.
Flying Polyp: A grotesque piece of floating slime that will rip you with its blast attack. If that's not enough, it has other tricks to try.

Death Knight: You know him. You loathe him. This time he's brought along some of his buddies...

Death Guard: Hard men who've had plenty of practice in the art of brutal murder. They don't have wealth or title or nice shiny armour, but they've been hired to do a job and don't much care that the job involves killing people.

Death Lord: His magical powers having taken him beyond the realm of the living, this veteran of the fields of battle deals more than enough punishment to demonstrate why he's head of the Death Brigade.
TIP: The ranks of the Death Brigade are filled with villains loyal enough not to attack their own comrades. So don't expect to see them divert their aggression from you!

Night Gaunt: Spindly, leather-winged master of the air. A stealth bomber with teeth.
Drole: A truly bizarre looking brute that shoots exploding shells, but also likes to get up close for that finishing touch. It's not choosy. Keep an eye out for this one because he's certainly keeping an eye out for you.
Gug: Eats fiends for breakfast. Beats up shamblers for fun. This is the meanest mutha, the baddest bad guy at the top of the monster pile. And he's gunning for you, with a new arsenal of abuse to bring your slipgate career to a sudden end. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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With all those new critters to deal with, you're gonna need some new kit too.

Warhammer: Melee upgrade. When you grab this meaty mallet your axe is automatically discarded. You now do twice the damage in a brawl. But can you get close enough to use it?
Plasma Gun: Deals out death in the 40 watt range. Uses cells for that juicy electromagnetic propulsion.

To select the plasmagun, bind a key to "impulse 250"

The Bomb: The last word in overkill. Only one shot, but it's a doozy. And also a suicide. Will you make a noble sacrifice for your team- mates? Or beat the weight of numbers with weight of damage? It can be a decisive tactic, a last resort or a laugh. Make your time.

Coop only.

To select the bomb, bind a key to "impulse 251"
For a select-and-detonate hotkey, bind a key to "bombhot"

TIP: Dihydroprotrolene doesn't grow on trees you know. Once you've detonated the bomb in a map, you don't get another shot in that map. Make the most of it.

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Trinity: Forged from the three nails used to crucify Christ, this rune will multiply your attack damage by three - but only for your nail weapons.
Cross Of Deflection: Not as powerful as the pentagram, but a welcome defense nonetheless.
The Cross will protect you completely from falling injury, drowning in water, and burning in slime or lava. Explosive blast-radius is no longer harmful ( and that includes your own rockets ) but a direct hit is still gonna hurt. Everything else in Quake will still manage half damage against a Cross, though it won't save you from the void.
So watch your step.
Backpacks: Now color-coded for ease of identification.

In coop, your own backpacks are also colored to match your pants. Very chic. Set "teamplay 3" to ensure Friendly Fire is disabled.

To try and maintain a fairer distribution of ammo, when your backpack drops in coop your teammates won't be able to pick it up straight away, giving you time to catch up and return to the fray.
If you don't make it, after a while your buddies can grab the stuff you dropped and move on. Maybe they'll say a few words in respect of your legacy.

Remember that if you suicide you won't drop a backpack at all.

Flashlight: There being no shortage of darkness in the world of Quake, this simple yet practical item can prove invaluable. If you happen to be lucky enough to come across it.

To enable flashlight use, bind a key to the command "flashlight" or "impulse 13". This key will act to toggle the flashlight once you have acquired it. An indicator at the center of your screen will let you know how much charge you have left. The battery recharges after a while.

TIP: Throwing light into the murky corners of Quake, while useful, is not exactly subtle. Unless they're trying to stay hidden, monsters will react to your flashlight beam just as jovially as if they had seen your ugly mug.

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As well as populating your progress with all manner of new enemies, Quoth throws up environmental hazards and effects to make your journey more interesting.

Rotating Features: Many architectural features come under this description. Some are dangerous, some are not, but they're always worth looking out for because, as a wise man once said, "if science has taught us anything, it's that if something is spinning, it's important!"

Coop: The minions of Quoth are even more cunning than their predecessors, and like to change things when you're not looking. If you return to a map in coop mode, you may find it isn't quite how you remembered it. There may be even greater challenges to keep you and your teammates on your toes, and some may require you to truly work together to succeed.

Forcefields: These shimmering energy barriers appear strategically in military and industrial complexes, blocking both movement and firepower. While your view is only partially obscured by the particles, enemies cannot see you through a forcefield at all.
Some forcefields can be deactivated to allow access, while others may need to be activated later.

Ladders: A new way for slipgaters to go up in the world. Or down, depending on your direction of facing. For example, look up while moving forward and you will ascend. Look up and move backwards and you will descend. And so on.
You can move sideways too, though more slowly. Jump at any time to detach from a ladder.

Breakables: A refreshing level of interactivity is possible with certain structures in Quoth - you can break them. Smash them. Blow them apart. Destroy them utterly.
There's no telling what may be uncovered when you do, but Signs Of Koth guarantees it will be fun finding out.

Explosions: In addition to the crates of radioactive materials familiar to slipgaters, there are now biohazard and plasma versions.
The difference between the two materials determines both the toughness of the container casing and the danger of the resulting explosion if it is breached.

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These maps are included in the pak files and are playable from the console as normal.

start: Quoth comes with its own start map. Start a new game from the console or menu and see how far you can go...
e1m1quoth: First remixed by Vondur and czg. Then shamelessly appropriated to house the first Quoth base enemies. Hides a secret extra region. And a bomb.
e1m2quoth: Further into the Dimension Of The Remixed we forge a path, with new threats to face around every corner.
The first Quake map to have a specific coop configuration. Bring a friend.

The following are testmaps. Don't let that put you off, these are not fullbright boxes. These are the maps we make for our playtesters and as such are polished to release quality so that they offer a complete experience of whatever content is currently being tested. In effect: SP in bitesize chunks. You can even play them in coop.

breakable: A map demonstarting all of the breakable preset materials, and the various flavours thereof. Fun for all the family. If you happen to be from a family of enthusiastic vandals.
kellbase1: Most of the new base-oriented content is demonstrated in this map.
ne_basetest: Kelvin Industries deploy their newest troops for a toxic mix of idbase and futuristic firepower.
kelltest1: Two combats where polyps and gaunts get to show off their stuff. Vorelings make a nuisance of themselves.
kelltest2: Count the number of legs and divide by three! Giger would be proud.
kelltest3: Gugs get their first chance to take their toll on some lower bestiary monsters. Try to stand back and watch the corpses fly.
kelltest4: Stomping to the top of the monster hit parade, the gug first appeared here. Many playtesters gave their blood and gibs to this map.
kelltest5: Tonight! At this venue only! Starring in their own show: Edie and the Sentinels!

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coop2.dem: Kell and Sidhe take coop to the next stage.
coop.dem: Kell and necros team up to infiltrate a base. Ass kicked. Gum chewed.
vongug.dem: Vondur encounters the gug for the first time, and is slightly perturbed.

As before, we have endevoured to detail the specifics of mapping for our content as clearly as possible. The Quoth Mapping Tutorial continues to grow unabated, an amorphous, gibbering entity threatening to devour us all. Have fun.

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