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This is a project that aims to make a new from-scratch and Free Software data set for the released GPL source code of Quake III Arena.  The ultimate side effect? It can play. If you use a popular Linux distro you most likely already know what this is. I didn't make it all myself though, i'm just the project lead. To set itself apart from possible confusion, the art direction steers towards something strongly influenced from Southeastern Asia. Yes, that means that "less armor is more" applies here.

This SVN repository has mostly abandoned projects of similar data projects for other open source codes in less activity. They're not completely abandoned, someone can always submit stuff to me and gears get moving together.

Versus 1997
A quake mod I wanted to make in 1997 but lacked the abilities and such to make 'the best TC ever'. It's a good thing I still remember what I dreamed of.. please note that it is intentionally striving to avoid all possible anachronism, aiming for the 'classic TC' atmosphere and classic over-ambitious ideas of the time. It's something of a tribute and parody of stuff us older gamers actually looked forward to at one point in time (admit it, you wanted ultimate quake finished).



<insert a thousand lei-lei models here>

Okay, my deviantART. Please don't suck up.


This is a modified WinQuake engine that was for learning stuff about packed pixels and it adds/ports features from Darkplaces into the software renderer, most notably colored lighting.


Music transcriptions
C'mon, you know it's fun using your ear to track a game song to a MOD file aiming for 100kb or less of a filesize. I do this for practicing technical ability to use tracker software because I can't compose original music worth a damn.


90's Hunter
The file dump I run of files that lost their dump - the focus is varied from rare never-heard-of old computer games of a freeware/shareware licence (no abandonware), lost mods and old game-kit made software. It's some sort of a curatoring archaeology hobby I have when 'crap game x' is never to be seen again...